Extended stay in Spain (HELP)!!!!
  • I have a passport...I want to stay in spain longer than 3 mos. I can not get SPECIFIC info from anywhere!!! How many times can I go..what if I stay for a month only, when can I go back after only staying for a month..WHAT DO I NEED to do to stay longer than 3 mos..meaning what specific info do they want. No site tells everything! I have a passport and want to stay longer than 3 MONTHS..what do I have to do!!!! What do I need for the visa (visitors)
  • Augustdust, Unfortunately you did not give your country of origin/passport. Therefore, it is impossible to tell you what to try. Each situation is different based on your passport. Therefore, I suggest this web site which has great information and contact links for you to call/e-mail, etc....
  • oops, sorry, I forgot to add the website for Spain Visa Information.

  • RE My post (augustdsut)..I am in the USA
  • (AUGUSTDUST) ooops, and I do have a passport

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