Sharks in Cuba?
  • I'm going to Varadero in Cuba on holiday soon and am kind of nervous of sharks. I want to go swimming and snorkling and enjoy myself, but I can't stop worrying about this!
    Please offer some advice,
    Bez (UK)
  • Hi Bez, There are always sharks in the ocean, but there have been no (0) recorded attacks on snorkellers or divers in Varadero that I can find. Relax and enjoy yourself, just like everyone has been doing for years! Remember this: far more people are killed by falling coconuts than sharks (so dont fall asleep under a tree!)
  • glad to hear about the sharks as i am going next yr, read about the scorpions????? are they a prob?
  • There is nothing in Cuba that's land-based that can harm you. All the scorpions, snakes, spiders, biting insects, etc. are not poisonous enough to harm a human being. Relax...


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