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  • If you have any questions on NZ, fire away.
  • Hi there ahipara, welcome. good to have you here!
  • If you have overstayed your visa in australia can you still get a visa for new zealand?? have kiwi girlfriend for past year and wish to move to new zealand with her in 6 months but have already overstayed in australia, does this matter?? any advice would be most welcome
  • I'm sorry - never had that question before and do not know. I would check the NZ immigration website
  • I am curious, how does the skiing conditions in NZ compare with say the middle-range resorts of European Alps? Is it feasible to have as proper ski holiday in New Zealand, and would it be cheaper than Europe (not including the flights of course)?
  • Yes. My family is off skiing tomorrow. Not as sophisticated as the Euro Alps or Colorado, but good mid-level resort skiing, world-class heli-skiing. And, as usual, cheaper than Europe. Season is from now with best skiing in August.
  • I am moving to New Zealand in 7 weeks on a year work visa. My friend is intending to come over there for a week with me to help me get settled in. The only question I have is that he has had drug charges and spent jail time here in U.S. in the past. There are no violent charges or anything other than those drug charges on his record. It is basically just possession and having drugs across state lines. He is currently on probation but he is cleared to leave the country and has a U.S. passport. Would there be any problem in New Zealand with him entering the country to stay for that week on a U.S. passport? Are checks run on the record of everyone entering the country at customs? I am needing to book my plane flight now for the turnaround on my visa but he wants to make everything would be ok before he flies over there. Does anyone know?
  • I think it's not an issue here, but check with New Zealand Immigration if you are not sure. It's actually a pretty helpful site.
  • Hi I am an Australian heading to NZ 20th of August 2009 and returning back to Australia on 1st September. My passport expires on 10th April 2010 next year. Will i need to update my passport before I head over?
  • I'm a tourism specialist, not an immigration specialist. Please check the NZ immigration website I posted in the previous answer to an immigration question.
  • I'm Traveling to New Zealand in November and leaving the country on December 16. My passport expires Mar 17 2010. Will I have a problem?
  • Please see the immigration site referenced above. I'm a travel specialist, not an immigration specialist.
  • I'm a photographer looking for the best time of year to photograph the South Island of New Zealand. Where are the most photogenic parts of the South Island?
  • The South Island is lovely in autumn with the low sharp light and turning of the leaves. So I would aim for April/May. The entire island is beautiful. One client once said to me "no one country in the world has the right to be this continuously beautiful". What sort of photography are you interested in?
  • Thanks for you response. I've been a commercial/industrial photographer for more than 30 years, but have always enjoyed landscape, cityscape and peoplescape photography as well. I refer to that genre of my work as personal work. While my commercial work has always paid the bills and financed my personal work, the landscape/personal work has provided more and more income in the past decade. One of my most recent projects was for a JW Marriott, the luxury version of the Marriott properties. Incorporating an international theme into the hotel, I was commissioned to photograph five different cities that had a sister-city relationship with Grand Rapids, Michigan, the location of the hotel. I spent four months photographing the sister-cities in Japan, Italy, Poland, Ghana and Mexico. Then my wife and I spent another four months printing and framing 1,500 signed prints that decorate all the guest rooms, suites and a permanent exhibition space in the hotel. Quite a project. My work also hangs in a number of corporate, hospital, university and residential environments. I'm fortunate to have found such a large following of my personal work, as the commercial photography, while supplying income, didn't provide much emotional satisfaction. The personal landscape work has.

    If you'd like to see the Sister City Collection, you can go to my website at and follow the link to the Sister City Project and you'll see about 60 of my favorites from the collection. There are about 180 in the collection culled from about 16,000 photos recorded in total from the project. The bio link talks about the project and my other work.

    While shooting the work in Ghana, I met a missionary who was from New Zealand. He traveled with us for a while and we became pretty good friends. Surprising considering our very different backgrounds. He has been bugging us for a year now to travel to New Zealand and spent time with his family there on the South Island. So I'm just doing a bit of research on where I would go to do landscape photography there.

    Thanks again for your response. I hope to meet up with you sometime. Sue and I have become pretty competent travelers, having worked now in 34 countries on 4 continents. But I have not made it to New Zealand yet, something I have to accomplish before too long.
  • Wow!

    There are a number of angles you can look at here. Landscape is the obvious one - and we have many varied landscapes in a small area. Terrain changes roughly every 3 hours by road. You can see a couple of our photographers here:
    The second one, Gilbert van Reenen, works with us as a guide when we have photographers traveling the country.

    We also know another, who's a wood turner, who photographs the wild west coast of the South Island.

    There are quite a number of other interesting subjects:
    - slightly derelict rural villages
    - Maori - faces and lifestyles
    - luxury - lodges of NZ
    - adventure
    - changing cities (strong recent Asian influence on Auckland, 30% of population are immigrants - not just from Asia)

    Whenever people tell me "south", I always respond that to get the right balance you need both islands. The south has the big mountains, beautiful lakes. The north has the beaches, islands, Maori, tropical rainforest, major city, geothermal activity. Seeing one without the other is of course one-sided.
  • do you use bro alot in talking???
  • I'm looking at moving with my family from UK to Wellington for a job. What's it like living there? What's the weather really like?!
  • I have heard that you require departure flights out of New Zealand to enter? Is this correct.

    I am a British citizen and do not have an onward flight or a working visa as we plan to get a cheap flight back to Australia once we have had enough!
  • We're considering moving to Auckland from San Francisco. We see that there's lots of rainfall year round. How frequently does it rain there? Does it rain heavily over a few days and the rest of the month is sunny or does it tend to rain (or drizzle) off and on all month? Thank you!
  • Hi
    I have heard that there is a lorry ferry which is cheaper than the interisland ferry which goes over the cook straight is this true.
  • hi, i am going on military leave to NZ in a month and am only staying for two weeks. I am an american and have a passport, is there anything else that i need to enter? thanks.
  • no - nothing else
  • Hello , this is Al-mekhlafi , doing my degree in engineering currently . i hv 3 months holiday starting from coming November , i wanna take the opportunity of this holiday that i never had to improve my English , so my questions are
    what is the best city that u recommend for learning English and having a relaxation holiday ?
    Is there especial school for teaching foreigners English or these courses can only be found at universities ?
    what is the schools u recommended ?

    thanks ,
  • Can I use travellors' cheques, when touring New Zealand, or would a topped up visa debit card be more appropriate reference paying b&d and motels, hotels, tours etc?
  • @Michael

    I'd recommend a visa debit card over travellers' cheques any day. TCs are less widely accepted in the electronic age, and can be a bit of a pain. It's definitely a good idea to have some cash however.
  • Hello
    A friend and I are going to apply for the NZ working visa, and go over in Aug/Sep 2012...we are hoping to travel and work at the same time. What is the job situation like over there? My friend is a teacher, and me an Environmental Health Officer...I do not mind whether we do those jobs, or bar work/retail..anything that would basically help fund our trip.

    Many thanks,
  • What are the rules regarding entering New Zealand on a British passport, specifically regarding to the expiry date of the passport,will I be allowed entry with only FIVE months before expiry at the date of departure from N.Z.

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