world cup 2010 and driving a hire car around South Africa
  • I am going with my wife to RSA for the world cup and want to drive around South Africa from Johanasburg to burbin to cape town, I am an experianced driver and have driven in over 20 countries, My question is "How save is it to drive in South Africa?" IE Security, I here so many bad things happen in Johanasburg for instance.Is it safe in the country side?.
  • Hi Keith

    Driving in South Africa is quite safe, and I often recommend self-drive itineraries for my clients. It is easier to get around and you can be flexible in your planning. We drive on the left hand side of the road here (as in the UK). All our roads are in good condition and well sign posted. Getting to/from football matches, you may find it easier to use the public transport available, however, driving in the country side (i.e.: Johannesburg to Durban) will be easy going.

    Johannesburg does have a bad reputation for car theft and hijackings, unfortunately. I would not let this deter you from hiring a car though. Remember to lock your doors, and in general, always be vigilant of your surroundings. Some areas of Johannesburg are better than others, so this also depends on where you stay.
  • Keith - it is safe to drive in South Africa, especially once you reach the open road. The quality of the roads and signage is excellent. Your biggest danger is other drivers, especialy minibus taxis that drive recklessly. In big cities, drive defensively - which means drive slowly, expect other drivers to stupid things, and be vigilant - and know your route by using a GPS or planning ahead with a good map.

    This is a good destination to self-drive. Lovely scenery and cheap petrol help as well!
  • Good to know that you are coming to South Africa for the World Cup. Driving in South Africa is as good as driving from any other country. Remember, we keep left, pass right, but I am sure that with you having driven in more than 20 countries this should not give you any problems. You will agree with me that safely cannot be 100% guaranteed, but the South African Police are always at your disposal. You find police everywhere, and the government has recently recruited more. Signage is visible, from miles away you are able to see where you should be turning off.

    Driving at a low speed will help you more especially where there is too much traffic. We look forward to welcoming you in 2010 then, and we hope you have a safe journey around our beautiful country; Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
  • When researching rental prices, make sure you include full insurance, with an excess of no more than R1000.
  • It is a lovely country but unfortunatly when i was in j'burg i was robbed twice, first time a knife was put to my throat through my car window, and second time i was told to give away my jewelery otherwise they would cut it off, it was terrifying, but im ok,
  • How long is a piece of string? I travelled around South Africa for three months. As with anywhere but in particular South Africa, common sense goes a long way. Here are some tips you can live by there and I was without incident. Don't drive at night. Keep your doors locked and windows up. NEVER HAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE IN SIGHT!! Keep a car length between you and vehicle in front when driving through major cities or sets of lights where it is not well lit. I used many transport options there including baz bus, wicked campers and avis.
  • As the lady from the travel agency said make sure you have a plan and a worked out route, and a dash of common sence. I travel to RSA often and make use of a few people always a good thing to compare price - with value. (budget) (good value and very friendly people) (luxury delux )
    do not forget to compare -the world cup- there is a lot of people who want to make big money from tourist going in that time and book now!
  • Keep your doors locked, keep space from the car in front, no valuables in sight ?, and this is SAFE ?.People who live in SA have to have a mind-set that blocks out the Daily Danger, otherwise how can you carry on. I lived in SA for 20 years and yes it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I have visited many, the locals are friendly and helpful, but foeigners/strangers to SA are in a lot more danger because they will not be aware where the danger can come from
  • I am from Yorkshire and have lived in South Africa for he Past 27 yrs. I can assure you that driving here is very safe, but just keep your wits about you and drive as if all other drivers are idiots, and if you hire a car, hire a Garmin also, so you dont get lost.
    And as said before keep doors locked, windows up and no valuables in sight. Please dont be afraid and see what this beautiful country has to offer.
  • SA probably has some of the most scenic roads in the world. Every time I've come home from overseas the feeling of driving on the open road with open windows while admiring the countryside, rural dwellings and wildlife bring me to life again. But it would be foolish to deny the dangers to the unsuspecting 2010 tourists. Yes, hijacking and robberies are high on the list, but common sense and care will go a long way. But there is little being admitted in the way of the other danger: road accidents.
    13,000 people died on South African roads between Sep 08 - Sep 09, 500 since the start of the holiday period this year (Dec 2009). Our roads are unfortunately riddled with dangerous and aggressive drivers (Particularly South African holiday-makers driving to and from inland to seaside destinations; Taxi transport has actually improved tremendously with well cared for vehicles and strict government regulations being the order of the day). To add to the dilemma is the shortage of ambulances, who find themselves overwhelmed with locals in the holidays as it is.

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