Help needed to get Mexico visa
  • i am an indian sudent here in london on student visa,my wife is usa,i have tried 7 times for usa sudent visa but got rejected,and reently tried to go to canada on visit visa and got rejected now finally we both plan to meet eachother at mexico.can i get the visa or mexico?if yes what are the documents needed for that?and howmcuh does it costs?
    please anybody help me?i wish you god bless you
  • please anubody help regrding the above issue...
  • why dont you contact the Mexican consulate there
    what have you got to lose?
  • I am an Irish Citizen going to work in Mexico for 1 year . Do I need a work visa before I go?

    My friend is a US Citizen also going to work in Mexico for 1 year . Do he need a work visa before he goes?
  • you dont need a work visa prior arriving

    your employer needs to ask for fm1 forma migratoria once you are in mexico
    which is good for one year
  • i also want to work in mexico 1-2 yrs, i come from Laos, so What kind of documents will I apply visa ?

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