What currency to use in the Maldives?
  • I am confused as to which currency I should take to Maldives on my holiday
  • You can use Euros, sterling or USD in most resorts as well as the usual credit card.
    Most items are costed in US dollars
  • Is it better to change my GBP into US dollars for my trip to the Maldives.
  • In Maldives u can use almost all universal currency. Thought it is advisable to have Euros or Dollars as all the resort prices are in US Dollars, Moreover all the major types of credit Cards are accepted in Maldives. If you wish to change US $ or Euros to Maldives local currency the rates are in between USD$ 1 = MRF 10.25 to MRF 15.42, varies of the market demand and supply.
  • Now the current price is at USD. 1 = MVR. 15.42 thought it keeps changing from time to time depending on supply and demand but the general is doesn't go above MVR 16 for a Dollar. And upon further note almost all types of foreign money is changeable upon entry at the international airports money exchange booth. Hope this helps...

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