Entry requirements for Dominican Republic
  • I have a question. I am US permanent resident from Mexico. I am planin to travel to Dominican Republic next year. I live in US. What kind of documents do I need??
  • What passport do you hold?
  • I have the same question. I have a passport from India and am a green card holder. Let me know if:
    1) I can enter the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) with a Tourist Card? Can I purchase it at the airport?
    2) I need a Visa? If so, can I get it at the DR embassy offices in New York and how long it would take?

    I found the following pieces information on the net, and wonder what to make of this.

    @ http://www.learn4good.com/travel/dominican_visa.htm
    All legal residents (green card holders) from the United States of America and Canada can enter the Dominican Republic holding travel documents that substitute their passports.

    @ http://www.icupromo.net/santodomingo/sd-traveldocuments.shtml
    All legal residents in the United States, Holland, Italy, Canada, Venezuela, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, regardless of their nationality, may enter the country as long as they bear an up to date passport or national identity papers and have purchased a tourist card.
  • I have mexican passport
  • do Nigerians needs a visa to enter the Dominican Republic?

    If so, as I don't believe they have a consulate in Nigeria, how does one get a visa?
  • eunice... yes you will need a visa to enter dom. rep.
  • I have an one year multiple entry business visa. Is there any time limit to stay in the country.
  • Some friends and I are looking to book an all inclusive cancation this spring. One of my friends has recently been charged with a DUI and has had their license revoked for one year along with a fine. My friend was given a release paper from the court to leave the country. What are the restrictions to entering Dominican? Is there a possibilty that my friend will have problems getting through customs? This is their first and only offense. Could you please provide me with helpful information regarding this matter prior to us booking our vacation. Thank you in advance.
  • where do you get your travel visa for domican as i have been told you get form on plane or you pay for it at arrival and also can you exchange american dolars in country
  • i'm fromthe sominican republic, i have a green card, i have lost my passport and my birth certificate, can i enter the D.R. with just my green card? and do i have to pay a penalty for that?
  • I'm a Philippines passport holder living in the Philippines. I'm planning to go to the Dominican Republic in 2010, What do I need to do to get a visitor's visa? There is no DR embassy in the Philippines, where do I apply?

    Hope you can help me.

  • I live in USA (Russian citizen) and I'm a permanent resident and I have green card .But I don't have Russian passport. I getting married very soon (September 13 my wedding) and I don't have enough time to do my passport!!! Can I do permanent travel document to go on honeymoon in Dominican Republic??? Is there some other ways for me????
  • Hi Eunice , if you have a Mexican, USA or European passport you don;t need anything else. you'll only have to pay for a 10 dollar tourist card , you can pay at the airport.
  • Hi jigyasa , For India you do need a visa, but you don;t need to send your passport to New York , there is a DR embassy in India ; Here is the information and number:

  • Hi Ayo :
    nigerians do need a visa;

    you can call the embassy in Sudafrica;

  • Hi Giggy ;

    If you have a visa you can stay for 90 days.

    If a person doesn't have a visa they can stay for 30 days.
  • Hi Babs ;

    he will not have any problems, The DR doesn't have any way of knowing about the traffic offense , and the immigration authority doesn't really care about that.

    you'll only need to pay for the tourist card!! , If you need prices let me know , I' whole saler tour operator.
  • hi,
    I am a filipina and i am here in US with a tourists visa and we(my family) want to go to Domincan Republic,can i possibly process our visa here(US), If yes...where..any embassy or consulate here in LA.

  • hi,

    I want to bring my family in Santo Domingo to stay with me. Where do you think is a safe place for them to stay whilst i work ,3 hours from Santo Domingo.

    thank you
  • Does a Trinidadian (living in Trinidad) need a visa for 1 day to the Dominican Republic?

    Thank you.
  • If I have a Russian Passport, can I travel to Dominican Republic?
  • Does a Thai National need a visa or can I get one on arival?
  • Hi,
    Im a nigerian, I want to know if Nigerians need visa for tourist to go to Dominican Republic.
    If yes where can i get the Embassy? Because there is no DR embassy in Nigeria.
  • my nanny is a U.S. Green Card holder and she holds a passport from China. Does she need a tourist visa or she can purchase a tourist card upon entry of DR
  • A friend of my daughter lives in Ghana, What would he need to visit her in Dominican while she is on vacation there from Canada?

  • I am a permanent resident of canada with Indian passport, My friend is visiting canada on tourist visa , do we need a visa to visit D.R. please reply me at hhayher@gmail.com
  • I am come from Thailand. I am looking some information of Tourist visa to go Dominican Republic next month. What kind of document do I have to prepare when apply to the embassy?
  • Permanent resident of US with Green card, citizen of Russian. Do i still need passport/visa for 4 nights vacation in DR?
  • Everyone needs passport to enter D.R. for those who live in US with green card and citizens of other countries..
    here is list.
    Residents of the following countries need a tourist card in order to enter the Dominican Republic for touristic purposes:

    * Andorra
    * Antigua and Barbuda
    * Aruba
    * Australia
    * Austria
    * Bahamas
    * Barbados
    * Bahr
  • hi every one

    my name is aman and i m living in india

    i want to turist visa for for philipines via singapore stay .i mean i will to fist singapore,after philipines i want to going both country for 10 day.

    it is posible .
    pls help me
  • hi sir am micky from india punjab and i want to visit dominican on vister visa plz give me some information about visiter visa befor 1 year am visted singhapur malisiya thailand indonesia. am already visited
  • My passport expires August 2010. I am going to DR at the end of may 2010. At which point I will only have about three months remaining my current US passport. Do I have to renew my current passport before I leave?
  • Hi Dear,

    I have a paksitani passport but working in Dubai from last 7 Years. If I want to visit Dominica where i have to apply the visa and what the normal requirements to get visa?
  • Hello,
    I have a Bosnia passport and I am traveling to the Dominican from the US. Whats else do I need.... green card, Bosnian Passport, and buy a tourist card.. please email me...... Hukanovka@hotmail.com
    Thank you!
  • Hi
    I am a permanent resident of australia and i have a indian passport and I want to go DR and working with united nations in sudan, can i go DR with out visa and purchase tourist card. pl mail me at patial_harsh@yahoo.com
  • I'm a permanent resident here in the U.S. and have a philippine passport, do i need a visa for D.R. or am i good with just my card and passport? The list from the earlier threads didn't have philippines on there.
  • Hi, me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to DR. However, he has a criminal record which consists of 3 or 4 failures to appear in court. We are planning to go for a week. Will he be allowed? If I could get a reply back asap that would be great because the trip is just around the corner. Please e-mail me at c.large1@yahoo.ca
    Thank you!
  • i am an indian citizen living in india and holding an indian passport. i have never traveled outside of india. i would like to visit the dominican republic. i understand i need a visa for dominican republic and a transit visa for the U.S. how difficult is it to get the DR visa and how far in advance should i apply? how difficult is it to get a U.S. transit visa if i get a visa for the dominican. should i apply for the U.S. transit visa once i get the DR visa?
    your help is greatly appreciated
  • If I was traveling to Punta Cana in June of 2011 for 8 days and my US passport is expiring in November of 2011, will this be an issue? Do I need my passport renewed before traveling?
  • hi iam somalian and i have a permit resident of italy so can i travel with travel document to domnican R without visa plz anwer me soon
  • Hi guys!
    Im a US resident and I have European (Bulgarian) passport. I booked a trip to Dominican Republic in June 2011 but I just saw that my passport expires in December the same year. I guess it is too late to apply for a new one, since I have less than 2 weeks left to my trip. Do you know if I will have any problem with either of those countries ( entering or leaving )?
    * DAVID, pls help!!!! thx
  • Hello! I am a filipina married with a frenchman here in France. Still didnt get my nationality and still holds a philippine passport. Only has my titre de sejour renewable every year; Do i need to get a visa in going to DR? I hope you can answer my question. Thanks!

    Madame Delmas
  • Hi, I am Canadian and my husband is an American. He has been living here in Canada for over 30 yrs. We are going to Punta Cana for our 10th wedding anniversary and I wanted to know what documentation does he need to come back into Canada. The problem is that we leave Oct 31/11 and he doesn't even have a permament residence card which I am told it takes 10 months to get. He does have a American passport and that is the only thing we have. Any bit of nformations would be greatly appreciated...

    Thank you
  • Hi I am a cuban citizen with a cuban Passport with a Permanent U.S Resident card. Do i need a Visa to travel to D.R?? Cuba was not on your list. I hope you can help me.. I plan to travel to D.R on 01/02/11 for 10 days.. - Carmen
  • Hi everyone! I am a Serbian citizen and i live in the US and i am a holder of a green card. Do i need a visa to travel to Dominican Republic for a vocation? Thank you
  • I'm travelling to the Dominican Republic on business next weekend. Do I need a toursit card even though I'm not travelling as a tourist?
  • I'm a us resident going to punts Cana I have a Colombia passport what else to I need to travel... Colombia is not on it list ?!? Thanks

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