Travelling on a oneway ticket
  • Hi - I am planning to visit South Africa next summer for the Football World Cup and I understand that a return ticket is a requirement for entry. I wish to have some flexibility for my return as I will leave as soon as my team is knocked out, but flexible return tickets are too expensive for me. I want to travel on a one way ticket and buy a return locally in South Africa when I know my travel date. What guarantees do I need to get in order to do this?
    Thank you for your help.
  • Hi Waltechr

    What passport are you travelling on?
    I think the only way you would be able to resolve this is to check with the South African Embassy in your country of residence. As they issue visas/ entry permits, they are in the position to advise on your necessary travel requirements to South Africa.
  • I am on a UK passport so do not require a visa... I can try the embassy unless anyone else knows something?
  • A flexible return ticket will be a cheaper option than 2 one -way tickets and save you the hassle.
  • Dear Waltechr

    The best will be is contact I had a similar problem and they assisted me.
  • Contact amanda or caroline at Accommodationcentresa for all your requirements +270829695395 / +270843063459

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