Best time to travel to Southern Italy
  • Im interested to travel to the South of Rome and Im wondering what the weather is like at that time of the year
  • that time? which time?

    usually the South of Italy is famous for the sun...
  • Sorry that time being November
  • you can check here tha climate for nov in all the Italian Region

    Campania (Naples, Sorrento, ...):

    check the Min/Max degrees in that month ("Temperature Minime/Massime") and the mm of rainings ("Precipitazioni")
  • Thanks for that. So im booked for Rome. Any thoughts on accomadtion. Can you just show up and look or is it best to book
  • of course, it's best to book in advance, so yo can get a wider offer of accommodations, including B&Bs;
    cheap accommodations (and expecially Bed and Breakfasts) tends to be sold out soon, because they have just few rooms, unlike the hotels.
  • I was informed that it's better and cheaper to stay in places outside Venice like Florence and just take the train into Venice and other places to tour . Is this so ? Thank you.
  • for sure it's cheaper to stay outside venice.
    But I don't think it's so much better to take a train from Florence to get to Venice.

    Probably you can take an hotel outside Venice, in the inland (for example in Venice Mestre or Mogliano Veneto) and get to Venice from there: Florence is too far for an escapade to Venice
  • Rather than stay outside of Venice, downgrade your standard of accommodation and sleep inside the city - much better to stay in a hostel or cheaper pensione and still get to wake up in Venice, have an early coffee before all the tourists arrive - and then walk late through the street at night after the busloads have departed!
  • If we travelled to Southern Italy, is there a way we could get (small!) boat rides/tours of the coast? Also - this is crazy, but what about bringing dogs?
  • Please be aware that other than in tourist orientated cities like Rome, Venice and Florence, many smaller places are almost closed to tourists in this off season. This means many restaurants and even accomodation choices are closed from late October to late March.
  • Italy is reasonably dog friendly if its small, portable and well behaved. Check on the internet to see if your hotel accepts dogs. Generally its much easier to travel with dogs in Italy in the summer where you may eat and drink outside rather than in a resturant in winter. Some areas like public transport (metro, train, ferry) dictate that you should have a muzzle on your dog. This is not strictly enforced if your dog is well behaved. Certain airlines allow small dogs below 8kgs to travel as hand luggage across Schengen areas. There is some additional requirement for this including the right shots as well as a pet passport.
  • DavidF is very right about rather staying in central Venice rather than Mestre and surrounds. Use the website for last minute best deals without paying any surcharges.
  • We are over 65 and planning a holiday that would also take in Sicily from Rome. Is driving an option we should explore?
  • Volpone - only consider self-drive if taking the back roads and scenic country drives. Italian highways are not for the faint hearted! I would look at get around by train - stressfree - then using bicycles or tours to see the towns/cities you come across.
  • The further south you travel down the boot of Italy, the more "creative" the driving becomes. From Naples southwards, the standard of the average car is not very good - generally they are badly damaged from multiple small collisions. The further south you go, the highways also become progressively smaller/narrower which may slow down the pace however it does get congested especially during school holidays. I would recommend driving up to Sorrento (fantastic venue worth spending a min of 3 days) but not much further than that unless you are fearless and have good insurance. You could use a combination of trains to get to selected cities and then take local tours from there.
  • Hi David,me and galpal are from Singapore.We are planning on going to Rome and end our tour at Milan.We only have 12 days to complete as many places as we do u suggest we must go visit and any accomondations u will recommend for 2 ladies near the staions preferably?
  • I am not sure what airport to fly into. I am going to Taormia Sicily
  • I want to go to Rome and I am staying in Taormia Sicily, what transportation do you recommend?
  • Ask a tour guide from Italy .They help me every time .Check here .Cheers

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