Currency in Russia, Belarus and Poland
  • We are travelling to russia belarus and poland in september. Can anyone tell me if they accept pound or euros or do we definitely need local currency and what is the weather at this time of year?
  • You need local currency to pay cash. Credit cards are accepted almost anywhere and ATMs work great. In Poland there are also lots of Forreign Exchange kiosks, in additon to banks, where you can change your money at a very good rate and no fees. All large hotels also offer that service but the rates are usually worse. Don't know about other countries but when I go to Poland, I hardly take any cash, pay everything by a credit cards and use ATM if I want to get cash to venture into the rural areas whjere cas is the king.
  • Russia has Rubles, Belarus has own current and poland has Zlots. So, you need to have trhee different currencies. Weather is around 20C during the day and about 5-10C at night

  • Hi my name is Antonio and I have currency from Poland ,its zlotych bills from 1988 and 1993.Could you please tell me where can I exchange it and what is the exchange rate on this bills to travel?

    Thank you
    Antonio Flores
  • GBP is hard - but not impossible - to exchange in Belarus. Most exchange kiosks accept USD and EUR but those based at the hotels will accept pounds and currencies of the neighbor countries.


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