Morocco hotel recommendations
  • Sister and I are going to Spain in March for a week and plan to fly from Spain to Morocco for 3 days. What are the must do's while in Morocco? Any hotel recommendations?
  • Where exactly do you plan to be in Morocco? Three days is fairly restricted for planning anything major so may I suggest flying to Marrakech from where you can go up to the Atlas Mountains for part of a day; Ourika Valleys for something different; explore the medina of Marrakech and all its wonders the rest of the time - you will not be disappointed.
  • Hii Renee..
    well, to give a special idea about your trip, I advice to make a contact with MorroccanLegend .com , who can organize all about your tour, especially the hotels...

  • For Marrakech. This website offers an excellent selection plus good information.

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