advise and strategy about flying into one airport and out of another in Morocco
  • Is it possible to fly from US, into one airport in Morocco, and fly out of another, and back to the US? What is the best strategy for this?
  • It is possible but of course you need to know that a flight from the "other" airport in Morocco does fly to USA.
    I don't know that there is a strategy, some online flight booking sites do ask if yuo want the option of arriving at one and depart form another.
  • Hello!it is possible to fly from an other airport on the way back home.I did the same last year.I landed in Marrakech and flew from Fez.I'll have the chance to post my trip review to Morocco as soon as possible.
  • Yes, just purchase "one-way" tickets. Just do your homework on the internet to see which US destinations fly to and from which Morocco Airports.

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