Football in Spain
  • I want to watch a soccer game with either Barcelona or Real Madrid playing. Any idea where I can get the tickets and how much I should pay?
  • I also don't mind to see Valencia or Villareal. But top of the list is Barcelona at Nou Camp
  • You Google Barcelona Fooball and you will get to the website of the football club, which will tell you how to buy tickets.
  • FC Barcelona tickets can be bought directly from the club website They are pretty easy to get apart from when they play against Real Madrid. The cost depends on where you want to sit in the stadium and if the game is rated A, B or C.
  • Thanks guys, ok it is far easer that i thought. But, damn, the tickets are expensive!!! Good seat E80, cheat seat E30. Does it make a difference where i sit - are spanish fans violent like they are in England or Turkey?
  • Simon. My daughter and I follow Real Madrid. We have never experienced anything but a pure carnival atmosphere at their home games. The one exception might be when they play Barcelona but the ticket price and availability for these is such that I do not bother. I usually buy my tickets at the ground. They are much cheaper than via an agency. Get to the ground at around 10:30 on the day of the match. The ticket office opens at around 11:00. Unless you want many tickets there are normally plenty for 1 or 2 persons to sit together. Staff very friendly and most speak English. If you prefer to use an agency, I can recommend Madrid Football Excellent service and delivered to hotel. Travel Madrid airport to central Madrid easy by Metro taking about 20 minutes and costing 8 euros for 10 tickets. Hope you manage to enjoy a game before too long. Madrid itself is fantastic.
  • Hi
    The best option is book in have the best internet prices in Real Madrid tickets and office in heart of Madrid.
  • hi my name is chide am a footballer in nigeria am dreaming to start playing in junio team in tarragona barcelona.i need visa to make my dream came true thax,

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