Backpackers/Hostel in Bangalore?
  • I'm travelling through India and will be spending around 5 days in Bangalore. I'm looking for a good backpackers or hostel to stay at while I'm there.
    Can anyone give me the name of a decent, clean and safe backpackers in which to stay while in Bangalore? Also preferably one with a webiste so I can see what the rooms look like?

    Thanks in advance....
  • Hi

    you may try Ginger, it will suit you.
  • Hi Lolly and Bon Voyage India,

    It seems you both may know Bangalore a little better than I do. Could you maybe recommend some good restaurants in the city?
    So far I have read good things about Samarkand on Infantry Road, Karavalli at the Taj Gateway Hotel and Blue Ginger at the Taj West End. If you have any recommendations please let me know.

    Thanks :)

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