Re-entry visa with soon to expire passport
  • My little cousin is a Vietnamese citizen, studying abroad in Canada. She has both multiple-entry Canadian and US Visas.
    Her current Vietnamese passport is expiring in March 2010, and the Canadian visa is "permanently" affixed to this passport and it expires in Fed 2010.
    She recently got her renewal Vietnamese passport, expiring in 2019.
    She wants to visit the US during her Christmas break, and returns to Canada around the end of Jan 2010.

    I don't believe she'll have problems entering/leaving the US.
    However, will she have a problem re-entering Canada?
    I read about the six month passport rule, where it must remain valid for at least six months after a scheduled departure?
    When she returns to Canada (from visiting the US), couldn't she show the old passport containing the Canadian visa, along with her new passport expiring in 2019?
  • I don't really see a problem for her, since she does have a valid study visa. Normally, the 6 months passport rule mostly applies when you apply for a visa, but since she already has it...

    Even though she renewed her passport, I assume she still has the old one with the visa, so she should show this one. I wouldn't flash two passports at the border because I'm not sure it's very legal (what I mean is that they could get suspicious and think one of the two is fake!).

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