Entrance requirements for Dominican Republic
  • what type of id is required for 1 adult, 1 19yr old and 1 15 yrs old to enter to Dominican republic for a holiday 1 wk.
  • Hi Marg

    What nationality are you? This makes a lot of difference!
  • I am traveling on a South African passport that will expire within 6 months of traveling. Does DR require at least 6 months a passport or not?
  • I am a Canadian citizen. Do I require a passport to travel to the Dominican?
  • I have one year multi entry business visa. IS THERE ANY MAXIMUM LIMIT TO STAY IN dr
  • Do the citizens of Venezuela need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic?
  • I am a Canadian citizen too. My passport expires on Oct 7, 2009, and I have a vacation booked on August 28, 2009. Am I okay to travel?
  • I'm a Jamaican, do I need visa along with my caricom passport to travel to Dominican Republic?
  • hI,
    how much cost a visa,if im in haiti?
  • hi, do i need a visa to get into Dominican Republic?
  • If your from the US and a citizen you need only your passport and pay the $10 upon entry for the "ticket" that they immediatly put in the trash can .lol this is all you will need for a 90 day stay but last time I was there a bit over the 90 day stay and nothing was said when I left. Beautiful place wish i was going with you .
  • I am a banker want to see my friend in curacao. I want to know the proceedure and documents required for Curacao Visit Visa for 15-20days visit
  • i am on thyroid medication and need top take daily do i need a doctors note ?
  • Hello,

    I am from Iran and leaving in UK. I am holding UK work permit visa and my visa will be valid for the time I am traveling to Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. I wonder where can i apply for my to tourist visa? and which embassy?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
  • I am an American traveling to Dominican Republic and passport expires 2 weeks upon return to US. Do I need to get a new passport before going?
    Thanks for any help available.
  • Im going on a cruise to the dominican republic in oct do i need a visa

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