• I have never heard of anyone getting vaccinations for rabies or Japanese encephilitis. I certainly have never considered it on my trips to SE asia. Remember that Vietnam does have ok healthcare all the way along your route, and rabies treatment will be available. Personal opinion: skip the vaccinations for Malaysia Singapore and Thailand.
  • Hi guys,

    My girlfriend and I are planning a very similar trip, starting in Indonesia this coming September and working our way through South East Asia and flying back out of Vietnam 6 months later. Again we have just started looking into the cost of jabs and they really are astronomical! We were budgeting about 200 quid max but as you mention the private clinics tend to push rabies and Japanese Encephalitis on you as something you should definitely consider, pushing the prices for everything up to around 4-00-500 pounds. We will be volunteering for a couple of months in Cambodia so we do want to take the necessary precautions and so are probably going to bite the bullet and definitely go for Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies we are still undecided though. However, we did go to our GP and get typhoid and Hep A, but were informed Hep B is not on the NHS? Just wanted to ask you when you went to your GP to get it free. Also, since writing this post, if you've found anywhere cheap that you could recommend to us that would be great!
    All the best and hope you have a great trip.
    Cheers, Seb
  • Hi,
    Hep B is free on the NHS if you are travelling, but if they aks if its connected to work they will charge
  • you get hep B free on the NHS if you have the combination vaccine A & B together, that is because A is always free. Crazy I know, but that is what I got.
  • Sounds like you're well prepared having the hepatitus vaccines already. Given the length and ype of travel you're palnning, you may want to consider a jab for cholora, and definitely get a "gamma globulin" injection to boost your immune system prior to leaving. Can't imagine anyone getting shots for Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis.
  • Hi Guys,
    Mum and I will be leaving 30 Dec to travel to Malaysia and Hong Kong. Just wondering, is it absolutely necessary to have the Hep A and Typhoid vaccinations. We are going to Kota KInabalu, Kuching, Penang and KL, but not going to and of the wilderness areas, just around the city. All up, we will be away for 25 days.
  • Hi there,
    I'm going to South East Asia during Monsoon season 2010. I too am confused about the risks of Jap Encephalitis and Rabies. I also need to think about tick borne encephalitis as I'm going to China too! For me Hep B isn't free on the NHS, I think there are different methods of administering it. As I'm having it done over a short period of time I'm having to pay £60. Rabies and the two encephalitis jabs are over £100 each! All four will cost me £380. The only one I'm considering not having is rabies. As I'm in the area for over a month I think I'll go for encephalitis as the risks go up the longer you're there (although it would only take one bite!) Oh and certain health centres do not give Cholera as it's not very effective (mine included).
  • Hi Weaguey,
    Firstly, it depends what country you're in as to what is free and what's not.
    As other people have mentioned you can get combined Hep A & Hep B vaccine which costs only slightly more than just Hep A. Personally this would be my choice. No need for Japanese Encephalitis or rabies vaccine. If you plan on going into jungle type areas especially with swamps I would also seriously consider Malaria tablets. Hope this helps. Have a great journey
  • Hi Rugrat,
    Nothing is absolutely necessary but at the end of the day you need to outweigh the risks of contracting these diseases verses effective precautions. As you're planning on being in Malaysia / Hong Kong for 25 days I would hang the expense and definitely have Hep A and Typhoid vaccine. I would also stock up on top quality brand insect repellant as Dange Fever can be contracted in many parts of Malaysia through mosquito bites. An illness you really don't want to go through if you can avoid it. I'd also drink bottled water only. You wont need the Cholera vaccine or the Japanese Encephalitis or Rabies.
    Hope this helps.
  • what is NHS? for the HepA and Hep B
  • Hello-- just to add to the thread-- I'll be going to Vietnam in just a few days and have only now begun to think about vaccines...I have Hep A taken care of, but nothing else. I will only be there for 9 days -- should I be seriously concerned if I don't get anything else before my trip?

    Any comments are vastly appreciated!
  • are vaccines needed if ur just travelling for 4 days - Malaysia and 4 days Singapore??? a typical tourist travel....
  • what about vaccines for Malaria, Dengue, and AH1N1.....are these vastly needed for health and safety precautions???
  • Hey, i'm going to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and possibly spending a couple of days the jungle area in Thailand. I'v taken Hep A and Typhoid, but was wondering if Hep B or anything else was necessary. I thought about malaria tablets but as i'm spending only a short amount of time outside of the cities, didn't think it was needed?
  • it cost around $80-$100

    Rabies Vaccination Cost

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