January climate Southern Sri Lanka
  • Ola...planning a 3 week trip to Sri Lanka in January. Is the climate / weather wet in the south around Tangalla / Mantara during this time? Also any idea how to travel from Galle to Kandy can't seem to find a train line? Is it easier to go via Singhala forest for a couple of nights? Thanx
  • hi joana
    January to April climate in the south is very dry. Tangalle or Matara. I suggest you visit after January 26, since its Presidential election season, and things aren't that peaceful during around this time. you don't want to be at the wrong place. Else, country is back to normal now. Travelling anywhere is allowed except North and East where its bit restricted to the North. Galle to Kandy, you can take a train that leaves Galle everyday around 230pm and reaches Kandy by 930PM same day. iTs a direct passenger train. Sinharaja forest, you cannot get accomodation within the forest reserve, but close to the area. Night time Forest trekking alone is not safe.
  • Ola Zack!

    Thanks for the information. Any idea of best way to arrive in Kitugalle? Thinking of staying there rather than Kandy
  • Hi Joana,
    Kitulgala is about 120 km from Colombo. Only two options to reach the location a. taxi - drop cost will be LKR7000/= almost b. Bus max cost will be LKR300/=

    Avoid specially Thangalle till 26th as Zack mentioned.

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