My passport expires in 6 months – what do I do?
  • Katie - tricky one this. You should leave a country on the passport you entered with. So you might have problems exiting SA on your expired SA passport. If your US passport is good you will be fine entering the USA but before returning to SA you need to get your passport renewed. Quite a few SA consulates scattered about the states.
  • Hey David, I'm a Malaysian citizen living in Australia with a Permanent Residency and I've got 5 months left on my passport. I need to renew it because I need 9 months validity to apply for a Letter of Good Conduct from the M'sian Foreign Ministry which I need to hand in to Australian Immigration to apply for citizenship to prove that I've got no criminal record and I'm a good lil' vegemite.

    Anyhow, is is possible for me to fly into Malaysia (possibly through Singapore which is where part of the dilemma lies) with the sole purpose of renewing my passport? Because if I were to fly into M'sia and do it there, it takes a mere 24 hours for them to pump it out. Stupidly enough, if I were to do it through the embassy here, I have to spend money flying to Canberra to do it, and even then they may take up to six months to get it done, by which time my passport is expired but I've got my Australian permanent residency? Not sure if that makes me an illegal or not lol

    Lastly, in regards to the Australian PR, is it for life or does it require renewal if I renew my Malaysian passport? On the PR it says "Granted 28May03. Must not arrive after 28May08. Multiple travel. Holder(s) permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely."

    Bit of a mess this is...very very confused. Wouldn't it be good if everyone just followed the British and American rule whereby you're granted entry so long as your passport has enough validity on it to span your trip/stay? *sigh*
  • Oh and if it helps, Singapore will merely serve as a stopover. Haven't flown alone before and not too used to changing flights either. Do stopover flights require passport checks/could flight check-in crew have the legal power to be a pain in the rear?
  • I am in serious predicament. I hold South African passport with Indefinite to live in Britain. I am intending to travell to South Africa late November 2009 return late December 2009, however, my passport expires early January 2010. Can I travell to South Africa and renew my passport whilst I am there? Will I be ok with immigration when I return ?
    Thanks in advance.
  • My passport expires on august 2010, and i am going back to Italy on December 2009, i still have 8 months before my passport expire,however, do i still have to renew my passport or not? I need answers immediately. Thank you. ^_^
  • David,

    I am a US citizen leaving for Cancun Mexico on Feb 8 -13, 2010, with my valid passport expiring on April 18, 2010. Do I need to renew it before leaving or wait until I return (in regards to the 6 month rule)?

    Thanks in advance,
  • RL, as a US passport holder you will be ok flying in to Mexico with that passport.
  • Hi David / all,

    Just like a few users here; i am a dual citizen of the UK and Nigeria. My UK passport is still valied for 5 years, my Nigerian passport expires at the end of Jan 2010. I am currently residng in the UK.

    I am travelling to Nigeria in December 2009 for holiday and back to the UK before my Nigeian passport expires.
    I intend to enter Nigeria with my Nigerian passport, and return to the UK with my UK passport.

    any problems with validity isues here pls?

  • Hi

    I was born in the US although my mum is an Australian citizen and my Dad is a UK citizen. My US passport expired in 2004. I was five when it was issued in 1999 and am now sixteen. Can I reapply for a new one?

  • Hi

    I have a british passport which expires at the end of May 2010 and I am looking to travel to Argentina for the first two weeks of December. Do I need to renew my passport or should I be fine to travel on my existing passport?

  • TJ: you still have time to renew that passport - pay extra for an accelerated application. I would also contact the Embassy of the Argentine Republic, 65 Brooke St., London W1Y 4AH (tel. 020/7318-1300; fax 020/7318-1301; regarding your question.
  • Can I just confirm I am correct in thinking that, my 16 year old son is travelling to Lanzarote, Spain, with myself and his Dad, on the 28th December 2009, but my sons passport expires May 2010. Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jan G
  • Sorry, meant to say that I am guessing we do not have to renew his pasport just yet? Jan G
  • Re: Jan G: Can I just confirm I am correct in thinking that, my 16 year old son is travelling to Lanzarote, Spain, with myself and his Dad, on the 28th December 2009, but my sons passport expires May 2010. Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jan G

    If you son's passport expires before May 28th, 2010, you must renew it before he can travel with you. It must be 6+ monhts after his departure from Spain. If not, we can help, just let me know. We can do passport in just 4 days.
  • Re: I was born in the US although my mum is an Australian citizen and my Dad is a UK citizen. My US passport expired in 2004. I was five when it was issued in 1999 and am now sixteen. Can I reapply for a new one?
    Thanks, Louis

    Dear Louis, we can get you us passport, just follow the steps o n our website. If you can proof us citizneship (*your birth certificate), you can get your application executed at postal office and we can get it to you in few weeks. Please see our website and click on New Passport section.
  • Israel does not require a British citizen to have six months left on their passport. I have spoken to Immigration at Ben Gurion and they have confirmed this
  • Hi David,
    i have a situation here, i have indonesian passport and have to go to Malaysia then Singapore. each country only take 2 days for mr to stay, cause im bring some people to guide them to travel. and my passport expired in 4 month. am i still be able? the worst thing is. the flight schedule is in 8 am indonesia time in Dec 17th. it mean tomorrow. with this condition, can have like an emergency passport? and if i have an track record stay in malaysia is it gonna help?

    thanx for your time David

  • Hello David,

    i want to travel to the US.
    I am an Italian living in Greece. So i am in the V.W.P (visa waiver program).

    My passport expires on May 17th 2010, but i have a ticket to fly to the US (in new york) at 27 Dec 2009 (in 10 days)

    Are the US regulations strict in the 6 month period ? or will they allow me entrance ?
    (My stay will be for 12 days and I already have a return ticket..)

    thank you for your time and for sharing all this information
  • I am holder of Trinidad and Tobago PAssport expiring in April 28 2009 but also holder of USA green card. I want to travel to T&T on sunday and leave Jan 02, 2010. Will that be a problem? Will I need a passport extension?
  • I'm a british citizen and I would like to travel to the US in Feb - Mar 2010 but my passort expires in April.

    Would I be okay to travel? I know you have info on this on page one, I just like to double check.

    It would be great help, Thank you very much!
  • i am holder of malaysia passport. and now im currently study overseas. I would like to visit italy, london and paris during this july 2010. but my passport expired on 8th nov 2010. will it be any trouble for me to enter the countries? And after travel to these countries, i'll be back to malaysia around end of july, will i be allow to enter the country? ( i am a malaysian)
  • Nope u will not have a problem with the passport at least if you can get back to your country at least 1 to 2 month b4 your passport expires..
  • cali yes you will passport extension despite the fact that u ve green card stamps will be needed on your passport..
  • Gabriel they will allow you in since u r just staying for just 12days...
  • Hi, i am holding Latvian paspport and i am planning in January go to Spain (tenerife) through GB. Can I travel with passport which expires in March?
  • Hi I am a Malaysia passport holder currently staying in Sydney. I will be travelling back to Malaysia on 5th Feb to 20th Feb and in between arranged to take a short trip to Singapore on 6th Feb until 9th Feb.
    I have just realised that my passport will expire on 5 July 2010, which is less than 6 months from the date of entry/exit (5 months). I am worried as I cant renew my passport in Sydney and would need to travel to Canberra and I am not sure if I will receive my new passport before I fly off on 5th Feb. My intention is to renew my passport when I am back in Malaysia, although not possible on 5th and will do so after my short trip to SIngapore. Can someone let me know whether Singapore immigration is strict and would consider my entry? Thks.
  • going to dominician republic: Jan 21, 2010. My passport expires june 7, 2010. am i ok to go or do i need to renew my passport??

  • im a malaysian & also a singapore PR.My passport will b expired within 6mth on 4may2010,but i manage to booked a ticket from kl to sinagopre on 20th jan 2010.can i knw do they allow me to take the flight still?im worry that the air crew staff will ban me for entering the plane..

    Thks alot.
  • I live in US, green card, chinese passport holder. i want to travel to china and return US for two weeks in Feb. but my chinese passport will expires less than 6 month in july. is that ok?
    thank you.
  • I have a UK passport. I will be leaving for Mainland Spain within a week.
    Iwould wish to return to the Uk at the end of May if possible.
    My passport expires on the 13th of May. I have heard that this is ok.
    Your comments if you please
  • Trish - as a UK passport holder travelling in EU you only need a valid passport, even if its expires with a few weeks/days.
  • I am travelling to Mexico Feb 2nd returning Feb 9th 2010 and just realised my UK passport expires March 17th 2010. Although I am a British citizen and hold a British passport. I live in Canada and am a Canadian resident. I hold a valid Permanent Residency card. Does the 6 month rule apply? I read somewhere else that the 6 month rule is not mandatory and that I will have no problems entering and exiting Mexico. Thanks
  • Hi there. I am travelling to Mexico from Ireland on the 24th May, just for a week. I've just noticed that my passport expires July 9th this year. If I renew my passport does that mean that I need to change my flight booking or is my flight still valid, as I used a current passport when making my flights? Or is my current passport fine as it is for this trip?
    Also as I have a connecting flight in the US does this mean that I will face problems there regarding entry with my passport.

    All help appreciated.
  • Have a look at our guide to Passport expiry issues - I hope this helps? Is so please post a reply.
  • Thank you for your response. I had read this on the 1st post of this forum, but because it did not specifiy Mexico as being less rigid on the 6 month rule for British citizens I thought I would ask the question. Just to share for anyone else interested I did phone the Mexican Embassy in Ottawa and the Mexican Consultate in Toronto and they said it would be fine to travel with less than 6 months validity on a UK passport. They also specified that having a Permanent Residency Card of Canada was of benefit.

    So, Darren why don't you call the Mexican Embassy in Ireland to double check.

  • i have a passport that expirers in june 2010 and i want to go to spain in may 2010 would i be able to travel without buying a new passport?
  • hi,

    I have Pakistani Passport, presently am studying in Belgium, I need to apply for UK and US visa to attend some conferences, but my passport expires in less than 6 months. Do I need a new passport or I can still apply?
    Best regards,
  • hey there,

    thanks so much for the information on here! i am hoping to go to asia (thailand, cambodia, vietnam and laos) in dec 10/jan 11 and my passport runs out on 29th may 2011 so i guess i would need a new one? would i just apply like usual before i go and take both passports? thanks!!
  • i will like to travel to Israel on the date 29/08/2010 how ever my passport will expire 2 months from then. i have an understanding that some countries you can not travel unless your passport is valid for another 6 months, (mine will be 2 months) is Israel one of those countries or will i still be aloud to travel?
    can you please reply to me on
    thank you
  • Fernando, all passports need to be valid for 6 months from the intended date of entering Israel. You may not need a visa though if you are Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Hello travel experts,
    My girlfriend and I recently bought tickets to London for Mid March with a 1 day trip to Paris (via Euorstar). However my girlfriends passport expires in May 2010. Not sure what information to believe on the web and I'm trying to decide whether to do an expedited renewal. We both have US passports and currently reside in the US. Help?!

  • Question I have:
    If canadian Citizen is in Croatia with valid Canadin Passport. Let's say Canadian Passport expires on March 31, and Canadian Citizen is returning to Canada on the expiraton date. IS passort techincally still valid for return trip to Canada or does Canadian CItizen must return to Canada 3 months priror to Canadian Passpoert expiraton date. I always believed that your passport must be still 3 or 6 months prior you re-Enter Canada?
  • Same old problem...
    I am a Swedish citizen living in New Zealand with a passport valid till November 2010. I will be flying into Singapore in June (being a couple of weeks short of 6 months left on my passport) and then on to the UK and Sweden (which shouldn't be a problem). Is there any chance of entering Singapore on my current passport? Is there a risk being refused the flight from NZ to Singapore?
    The problem is that it proves extremely difficult to renew my passport. The closest embassy is in Canberra, where I would have to apply and pick up in person, which would cost me about 2000 NZD taking the passport fee and flights into account. Please help, I'm lost what to do.
    Thank you
    // Linda
  • Hi ... my Canadian passport expires in July and i'm planning to travel to Amsterdam from March 11th - March 15th, do i have to worry about any entrance issues to Amsterdam?


  • RG: as a Canadian your Passport and/or passport replacing travel documents must be valid at least 3 months after period of intended stay. So you should be absolutely fine.
  • lilloll, as a Swedish passport holder your passport must be valid for at least 6 months on arrival in Singapore. You could take a chance, as Swedes are trusted travellers, but not worth it. Are you sure you must apply in person for your renewal? It should be possible to use a visa/passport agency to expedite the renewal. Try
  • ToTo - you Canadian passport - even if expired - is fine for re-entry into Canada if you are a citizen there.
  • Hi,

    I'm a Chinese passport holder with a green card. I' going to China in March and returning to US in April. I just found out that my passport is going to expire on May 16. I would like to know if there's any problem for me to enter the US in April with my passport expiring in one month. Thanks a lot,

  • I just need some reassurance after doing a lot of research - but am getting different answers. I am an Australian on a work permit in the UK, my passport expires in September and I have booked flights to Melbourne for Easter - staying for two weeks. When I return to the UK, I will only have 4 months and 3 weeks passport validity. Do I need to renew my passport and then transfer my work permit into the new passport? I was going to renew both my passort and visa upon my return (as I will have to apply for a new visa in June). Will the UK immigration allow me back in the country?
  • David, hope you can help me on this one and if not thanks anyways.
    Just been kicked back from Nicaragua land border into Honduras. Was travelling on a kiwi passport without six months remaining, (mexico down through the CA4 countries). I have another irish passport fully valid until 2012, but they denied me as orginal stamp in was kiwi PP, said to go back to honduras, who said to go to El Salvador to get a five day stamp Honduras in the new passport, they couldn't do it? If I have that stamp then I can use that passport from there on. It's all a bit confusing and frustrating. Do you know
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