Questions about Mauritius
  • Could somebody tell me which side of the road you drive on in mauritius, whether you need an international drivers license and also whether a temporary south african passport is ok to travel to mauritius for a 4 night stay?. Thanks
  • They drive on the left hand side. A National driving licence is required but an international driving permit is recommended.
    I am unsure what a temporary South African passport is. However all passportss must be valid at least six months after the arrival date in Mauritius. South African passport holders can stay up to 60 days as a tourist. It should be noted that a return air ticket is required together with proof of funds to support your whole stay in Mauritius are needed.
  • Can someone tell me whether there is a public transport system in Mauritius? Is it as convenient as the European system?
  • Ya a public trasnport system exists in mauritius, and it is as convenient as the one in europe, you just need to know where you want to go, you can also hire cars, bikes, scooters, boats there to facilatate your travel. Or just hire a taxi to go around, it might cost you around 50 euros for hiring a taxi to go around the island for 12 hours.
  • Can you tell me what currency is best to take to Mauritius - Are US$ accepted or are all dealings in MRs?
  • I got married in Mauritius in 1991 and have lost my marriage certificate. Can anyone tell me how I can get a duplicate please. Thx. Von
  • where can i buy a Cd of the mauritian language and the pronunciations?
  • Brodie:

    Check out: Virahsawmy, Dev. Aprann Lir ek Ekrir Morisien. ['Learn to read and wirte Mauritian': CD-ROM including rules for spelling and grammar, poems with audio files

    and mebe:
  • We are getting married 26th june 2010 and planning our honeymoon. How would the weather fair in Mauritius for the 1st two weeks of July? A bit worried that the temperature might be too low? Could someome advise?
    Thank you!
  • Hi Tiggy, Actually I think it's best to take EURO as the exchange rate is good but USD will do as well.
  • Hi Holly,
    Been to Mauritius several times. Wonderful destination. July and August are winter time there. Temperature still around 20°C but sea water rather cold and at times rainy. You will also miss the nuice fruits and beautiful flowers you have in December. All the best.
  • Hi Von, Need to know if your wife is mauritian....or else you can just ask for one from the Civil Status Office (CSO) in the region where you got married. It should not be so expensive. Cheers. Ronny
  • Hi I am from US and interested in having a July 2010 ceremony/honeymoon in Mauritius. Can I legally get married in US first before having a ceremony in Mauritius or can i only legally marry in US? Is it bad to get married there if it is winter over there in July? Also can anyone recommend a tourist company to help out with the process!Thank you soo much in advance!

  • Hi....m getting married in nov,2009....nd planning my honeymoon in last week of november...Can somebody tell me about d weather of mauritius at that time.....?
  • Mauritius in November should be lovely as it is the beginning of their summer. I lived on the Island years ago but returned for a visit in September 5 years ago when the temperature was around 20 to 25 degrees so just becoming warmer. It is a beautiful Island and I would recommend you stay on the North of the Island where the weather is better than the South which tends to have more rain but November should be fine anyway. Grand Baie beach is beautiful. Avoid the east coast which tends to be less sandy with lots of sea urchins and sea snakes. You will love Mauritius and the people are very friendly and kind. For a thoroughly romantic evening, do book The Fish Lovers Restaurant Pereybere but there is a review on Trip Adviser which is not good! May be it's gone downhill since we were there 5 years ago. Hope this helps and have a lovely Honeymoon and best wishes for your future marriage.
  • Hi all, Just came back from Mauritius. As usual not deceived. Temperature averaged 23°C and seawater bit too cold. Civil marriages are held regularly for foreigners on demand. Things go fast if you have all your documents (exactly the same docs you will need to get married here).
    Guddu: November is summer time and temperature is already excellent with lots of fruits.
    Brownsugargal: You can get married legally in the US and have a religious marriage (indian style) in Mauritius if you are interested for the fun only. However July 2010 is world cup in South Africa and hotels are already fully booked. Prices may be very high. I would consider avoiding this period if I were you.
  • Going to the Pirogue for a wedding in November. I hear a lot about the Catamarran excursion is it worth doing and whats the price. Should we take cash or travelers cheques.
  • Hi I am looking at booking to go to Mauritius in November staying at the Silver Beach but not sure if the weather would be ok on this side as I have been informed that it can be rather windy, is this right? Thankyou in advance.
  • Hi, I want to ask if in august you can sanbathe and swim on the south-west cost of mauritius and if the weather it fine. It is a big difference betweend august and september?
  • Hi i m getting married in the first week of july.We have decided mauritius as our honeymoon destination.
    But somebody tell us abt the weather of mauritius in the month of july also tell us abt the part of mauritius suitable for the stay..i mean east/west???

  • First time traveller to Mauritius. Want to see as much of the island as possible.
    What's the best way? organised trips or independently?

    As a side issue is it cheaper to purchase the organised day trips before we go?

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