• Franky0916
    Hello i'm going on a vacation trip to the Dominican republic on June 30 my passport expires in November 14, 2014 does that six-month rule apply to Dominican Republic please help
    June 18
  • Lt_Dax
    Hello passportvisaguru - I am glad to know of your expertise in this matter. A group of us will be leaving for Puerto Vallarta from 6/17/14- 6/24/14 from SFO. 2 passports are expiring on 9/30/2014 (ages 17 & 20). 2 other passports are expiring on Nov 8, 2014 (both 70+ years old). Will it be ok to fly on these dates to Mexico without having passport issues because these 4 passports within 3-6 months after travel dates. All else in Group are fine. Thanks for your expert input.
    May 29
  • Udayreddy
    My passport expires in three months, but I have a valid UK visa visitors visa, will I be able to travel to the UK without any problems? My indian passport will be valid the whole of 26 days i will be staying there, and even after I return my passport will be valid for 2 months
    April 2013

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