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March 2009
Last Active
October 2010
Company Name
Hesperides Tour Services Company
Long Description
The origin of the name Hesperides Benghazi was originally founded around the 6th century by Ancient Greeks and named Euesperides. In Greek mythology, the Hesperides are nymphs who tend a garden in a far western corner of the world, located near the Atlas Mountains in Libya. The Garden of Hesperides is Hera's orchard, where either single tree or a grove of Immortality giving golden apples grew. The apples were planted from the fruited branches that Gaia gave to her as a wedding gift when Hera accepted Zeus. The Hesperides were given the task of tending to the grove, but occasionally plucked from it themselves. Not trusting them, Hera also placed in the garden a never sleeping, hundred, dragon name Ladon, as an additional safeguard. The only one who succeeded in obtaining some of the apples was Heracles, who tricked Atlas to get them for him. Thus Heracles completed the eleventh of his twelve labors. Libya is a place full of history and a must for travellers, that would love to experience a new destination.
Short Profile
Hesperides is a tour services company for any visitors who wish to travel to Libya.
Phone Number
<218 61 2232555/dd>
Misc Info
Hesperides, welcomes you, if you have any enquires or would like our assistance, please contact us.