• silentgirl
    Dear Alethia, That is so kind of you. Thanks a lot! Please also let me know if I have to give proof of travel between france and belgium too. I want to purchase air or train ticket from france, and now now. Will the French embassy be expecting me to submit transport proof too between France and Belgium? I already have return flight purchased ticket from my country to France, and then return from Belgium to my country. Thanks
    March 7
  • Taz
    My Turkish partner is living in Ireland for yrs (I am Irish). We want to get married in Istanbul civil ceremony then to a hotel for dinner & dancing and stay in hotel. want hotel to have wedding photo grounds or otherwise a nice park nearby. we are having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this. websites are about UK to Turkey & cant find a wedding planner for Ireland that do Istanbul weddings. we want to get married in mid August this year 2014.Today I rang my DFA dept for civil marriages abroad office about the freedom to marry cert. She said it is too early to apply as it will expire in 120 days. But we need to give dates to our family and friends and we can't do that until we have this cert, bloods, my paperwork translated to Turkish along with my partners to be all sorted and then we can give dates?? How do I give date of wedding for freedom to marry cert when Turkey wont give dates until they receive all paperwork? I'm confused and time is running out if we want guests!
    January 29
  • anna45
    Thanks for your help I appreciated so much. Yu are right. I'm moving on.
    January 23
  • Ngh34
    Heeey Alethia :) how are u ? pls do u have informations about marriage Tunisian with Norwagian woman ? whats the peapers she must bring ? does is hard ?
    January 11
  • adeel675
    dear alethia I have resident pemitt of italia .I want to work in canada .I need work permiit of canada .can you help me ?How can I get work permitt of canada ?
    December 2013
  • stellaemilyau
    Eyes Say Everything....
    December 2013
  • favouris3 Hello my dear how are you. i am Favour. this is very important please contact me to my email right now; ( ) thanks god bless you am waiting to hear from you soonest
    December 2013
  • Vickoh
    Hello I've noticed how helpful you have been to people on here I wonder if you could help me with my recent post on Turkey weddings Hope to hear from you soon :-)
    November 2013
  • Aysun
    Hello Alethia, thanks a lot for your recommendation about me. Love+Light from Antalya... Cheers, Aysun
    September 2013
  • Susee_lee
    Hi Alethia You did a great job and you gave a good suggestion to Shyne.. So hat's of for you..
    September 2013
  • faithpeac
    Hello dear, How are you today, I hope all is well with you ,My name is miss faith, I was so impressed to came across your profile today which drag my interest in you, I will also like to know more about you,reply directly to my personal Email ID ( so that I can send you more details about my self including my pictures.
    September 2013
  • athanasia
    Hi Alethia!Hope you are doing great.i am now on this site..from whta i read i can see that you know few things and you can help me..i am about to visit tunisia in few days and wanted to ask you few things if its possible.if you can send me your email to get in touch.thanks
    July 2013
  • wajdi4t
    call me if you visit tunisia +21624835703
    July 2013
  • Alethia
    Alethia joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    May 2013
    • fredsuccess
      how will i get someone to give me invitation letter to travel to one of the shenghen countries..any one there to help/i am fred and a ghanaian but a good ghanaian.
      May 2013
    • sunny009
      i am hassan from pakistan
      October 2013
    • sunny009
      how will i get someone to give me invitation letter to travel to one of the shenghen countries..any one there to help/i am fred and a ghanaian but a good ghanaian.
      October 2013
    • DoraDZ
      I have been married to a Tunisian man since 1987 we live in the USA and have 3 children, the youngest is a girl, 12. My husband returned home from a trip to Tunisia and in an instant was a "born again Muslim" praying, reading, chanting, walking around the home with beads for hours and hours. He began preaching to the kids that they would go to hell he frightened our daughter and she could not sleep at night. He said, " If they are not Muslim they are not my kids." "I will marry a 35 year old Tunisian woman and have more children." We are now in the process of divorcing. I have found out that over many years he secretly took large sums of money to Tunisia while I worked here supporting the family. He is listed as single in Tunisia. He owns a home, farm, tractor and receives a pension in Tunisia. He steals from me and the kids and is fighting for financial support in the US since he has not worked. Do you know what rights I or my children would have in Tunisia if he is listed as not married? Our children were raised Christian, went to Christian schools we visited Tunisia many times although he never taught them Arabic.
      February 21
    • Michael2k
      My name is Michael I'm 25 live in the USA NY I'm single looking for someone nice to be with forever.... here is my fb Michael Brown.... email Please you guys should feel free to contact me on fb for nice chat as I'm nice to talk :)
      May 27
    • Imtiyaz
      West Negeria is Safe for Employment
      July 12
    • browneyedgirl61
      August 18

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