• bintaok
    Hi dear,My Name is Binta Desmond,I know my meeting you will not offend you in any way. I hope to hear from your kind respond before I will proceed, I saw this profile here and become interested.I have important thing to discuss with you ,write me with id( will send you more details of me with pictures to know whom i am
    July 2013
  • troubled
    I am planning to meet my pakistani boyfriend who currently lives in Saudi Arabia. We are not sure yet as to whether we will meet in Bahrain or Lahore, Pakistan. Why do u say its not a good idea to meet boyfriend. We are planning to get married. I would have liked for him to come to Australia and we could marry here but after reading lot of posts on other discussion panels i have realised that he will have difficulty coming here as we havent met in person yet.
    June 2013
  • Crazy8
    Crazy8 joined.
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    June 2013

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