• jamalsamira67
    hello How are you today? It is my great pleasure to contact you. I know that you will grant my request in good faith and understanding, my name is Samira. I wish you will have the desire to write me back through my email for easiest communication. Please I'm much hoped that you will answer my mail it is very important for me. We shall understand more better after our correspondence including my picture and details about my can write me at( Best Regards.Miss,Samira.
    March 16
  • happyface72045
    Hi Anna
    March 14
  • anna45
    anna45 joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    January 19
    • kesham27
      Hi i met a guy through fb his name is Remmy he said he is orphan and widowed with a child, he say he is from the US but working in nigeria month its been 2 weeks now he say he got no food and run out of spending money he say he cant use his card there and he gonna send me his card to get him money but first i gotta send him 150 to buy food and to fedx the card to me i think ive been scam, help me please.
      September 25

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