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February 2011
Last Active
March 2013
Company Name
Heels and Valise Tours
Long Description
Heels and Valise Tours is a tours and travel company that was started in June 2010 and is located in Nairobi, Kenya. We are an organization that is committed to the wellbeing of our customers while ensuring that one enjoys the experience as well as the outcome of their interaction with us. Our clientele include companies, organization, youth groups or other organized groups, families, students, and individuals. WHAT WE ARE: We are a Tours and Travel Company. WHAT WE DO: We provide diverse travel services to our clients in Kenya and across the globe. OUR VISION: To give people a chance to enjoy nature as God intended it and live life abundantly. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: to provide the best leisure and travel experience to both individuals and organizations across the globe through keen attention to our customers' needs and open -arm treatment of our customers. OUR PRODUCTS: -Travel Advice -Honeymoon packages -Meeting, conferences, seminars and convention management. -Camping & Safaris -Trekking & hikes -Team building activities & Educational trips -Community service -Exchange programs for students and groups. -Out of Kenya Tours.
Short Profile
Heels and Valise Tours a tour company that goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We are based in Nairobi,Kenya.
Phone Number
<+254729 097 046/dd>
Misc Info
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