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November 2008
Last Active
February 2011
Company Name
Ahipara Luxury Travel
Long Description
Ahipara Luxury Travel - New Zealand We deal with travellers who want to go further, see more, understand more and be delighted by fresh people, places and experiences. We are now widely recognised as New Zealand's most innovative, intelligent and exciting luxury tourism operator. We are owner-operated and are true experts in and about New Zealand - we live here, breathe the air, and are constantly on the road finding, creating and evaluating new experiences and places. Specialising at the top end since 2001, we have also helped many clients with more modest budgets add some exceptional days to their time in our country. Whether you want to relax in the most relaxing and exclusive properties in the country or to put together a rapid-fire itinerary of varied experiences, we have done all sorts of itineraries many times for many different people. We pride ourselves on our creativity and innovation - windsurfing with Olympic gold medallists, participating in local yacht races, luxury picnics in remote locations, flexibly-managed heli-itineraries, encounters with indigenous Maori (for example a waka attack on a private island, or a surprise on a bush track), private sessions with Maori master-carvers, walking around a winery discussing the current vintage with the award winning owner and winemaker, rally driving lessons in current rally cars on current rally circuits etc. We focus on reality. Our clients meet real people, not tourism experience providers. Sometimes the two can be the same thing, but not always. For example, Lydia Bradey, the first woman to make it to the summit of Everest without oxygen is a mountaineer. And Grant Taylor owns and runs a vineyard and is probably the single largest factor in the growth of Central Otago as a premium winegrowing region. They both have lives outside tourism, are high achievers, are interesting as well as interested in people. They have kindly made themselves available to our clients. In addition to offering all our top lodges, villas and hotels at competitive rates, we also have access to private houses, together with all the staff necessary to make them work for you. We take particular pride in the quality of our chefs. We are owner-operated and can take an uncompromising attitude to product quality and destinational knowledge. We are not a booking agency. We take the time to understand each of our clients and then we make sure we deliver exactly what is wanted. Where it does not exist, we create it. Why should you compromise? We don't. We were given permission to use our name by Roma Marae, the senior marae at Ahipara, at the southern end of 90-Mile Beach. We are proud of our deep connection with Maori and the Maori capability of our company is unsurpassed.
Short Profile
Ahipara Luxury Travel - Forbes "Perfect 10" Robb Report, January 2009
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<+649 446 6025/dd>
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