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April 2011
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December 2011
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Myistanbulguide aimed to help people who visit Istanbul or would like to visit Istanbul by providing useful and updated information and comments. " It is easily observed, many people from all around the world visit Istanbul for the purposes of tourism, business, watching sport events, lecturing or participating in a conference, symposium and etc. As Istanbul have hosted myriad international activities, it is a fact that all visitors are tourists at the same time. As you consider, all tourists visit and see nearly same well-known places and do the same things .This site intends to make tourists feel Istanbul more, to give them opportunities to touch it, to get them close to it as how it is and to tell Istanbul in the view of residents.You won’t see only the positive sides or superficial subjects, but also will see it from all aspects, when reading news, papers here about someplaces or activities. And more helpful informations. We hope you live and feel Istanbul!"
Short Profile provides helpful information and comments from residents and experts to visitors of Istanbul
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