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October 2011
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October 2011
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Along with my wife Louise, I own a luxury rental apartment in the charming village of Mazotos near to Larnaca in Cyprus. Our love for the island began when, a number of years ago now, a Cypriot Professor saved the life of our youngest daughter. After visiting the island we were drawn to the coastal areas around Larnaca and, in particular, the village of Mazotos, 15 minutes to the South. Louise and I love the peace and quiet of the area but at the same time we love being only a short 'hop' away from the coast to pursue our love of water sports. Our apartment is also well positioned for exploring the island. It was only a matter of time before we decided to purchase a holiday home in Mazotos. In the end we opted for a luxury apartment at the wonderful Grove spa Resort. We manage to get out to Cyprus now about 3 times a year and so are happy to rent the property out to guests the rest of the time. I am also happy to share my knowledge and passion for Cyprus which is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that I have written a Guide called 'Cyprus Inspired'. This is available to all visitors to my website: I look forward to exchanging tips and advice where I can.
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Adrian owns a luxury rental apartment in Larnaca and has written a Cyprus Guide
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