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April 2010
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May 2010
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Afriquest Travel
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Afriquest TravelsSouth of the equator lies a land, a land so beautiful and scenic. Whose beauty surpasses your imagination and would appeal to your sight and taste of the environment. AfriQuest Travel Tours will take you for an adventure of Africa through the jungles where you will witness the wild life and landscapes that remain wonders of the world. Africa is a land full of abundant wildlife, scenic grandeur and varied cultural backgrounds that bring an unsurpassed adventure to all holiday makers. In its savanna plains, dense jungles, plains of Masai Mara, Rift Valley lakes and semi desert regions AfriQuest has packaged for you an awesome and wonderful experience that awaits you to unveil.AfriQuest provides affordable land safaris with a different approach from other operators. We offer you more comfort and hassle free travel, our crew is dedicated and committed to making your expedition a pleasurable one.
Short Profile
Scheduled and tailor made safaris in East and Southern Africa.
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<+263 915179698/dd>
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