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August 2011
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August 2011
Company Name
Wonders Two Africa Safaris
Long Description
Wonders Two Africa Safaris is one stop shop for all your Kenya and Tanzania travel requirements born from our passion to share our in-depth knowledge and experience of travel to East Africa mainly Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar. Our main objective is to demonstrate our creativity, innovation and commitment in a way which distinguishes us from others in the market place and leave our clients with a strong feeling that they have received something special -- "something that represents value for money". Our focus is on Kenya and Tanzania Only! Wonders Two Africa Safaris do share a common passion for travel and adventure with you as a means to explore and appreciate nature and other cultures, to preserve our environment, to experience adventure and to add non monetary value to ourselves which motivates us to want to share our unique experiences with our prospective clients. Itís about giving you an enriching, and often life-changing experience.
Short Profile
Wonders Two Africa Safaris is a Kenyan Tour Operator in African Wildlife Safaris, Adventures and Beach holidays in Kenya and Tanzania
Phone Number
<254 720 048 483/dd>
Misc Info
Looking for a travel patner in Kenya/East Africa? please contact us.