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Some of the best parts of Marrakech, and certainly those of most interest to tourists, are best explored on foot. The city consists of the Medina (old town) and the Ville Nouvelle (new city), approximately four kilometres apart. Beige-coloured petits taxis are cheap, with metered fares, and provide a good form of transportation between the two destinations if it is too hot to walk. However, many travellers opt to find accommodation in the old city and seldom leave this area. Taxis can be hailed on the streets and it is best to check that the meter is working and turned on before departing. Alterntively, travellers should agree upon a fare before setting off.

Public buses are a bit of a free-for-all and can become unbearably hot, but they are cheap, frequent and cover the entire city. Driving in the city of Marrakech is difficult unless you know your way around and is not recommended, considering the narrow alleyways of the central urban medina area, and the heavy traffic of various vehicles, pedestrians and animals. If travellers choose to hire vehicles - and there are many rental companies available - they would do well to use them for excursions out of the city, and keep them safe in hotel parking lots while sightseeing in Marrakech on foot. The coach bus stations are situated in the new city and cover routes between Morocco's major cities and towns. Mercedes Benz sedans are called grands taxis and are another alternative for getting to neighbouring towns.

The most recent addition to Marrakech is the extensive tram network which is helping to thoroughly modernise transportation in the city.

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