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What to see in West Coast

West Coast Attractions

The West Coast of South Africa is full of some of the country's best sights and activities. It serves as a great destination for those with a limited amount of time in South Africa, but who still wish to experience a good selection of what the country has to offer. They can fly into Cape Town, rent a car, and head out on the R27 for the adventure of a lifetime.

Many of the little towns along the arid coastline are quite eccentric, with distinct characters, and off-beat charm. Favourite stops include Langebaan, the West Coast National Park, Yzerfontein, the Cederberg, the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, Saldanha, Paternoster, and Darling.

These destinations are all good for a few days of relaxation, but none of them are likely to keep visitors occupied for long. The best way to experience the region is to drive between towns, enjoying anything between a few hours to a few days in each according to preference.

The route is wonderful for surfers and other wind and water sport enthusiasts, but those wanting to partake in these fun activities should note that the sea is very cold along the West Coast and wetsuits are a necessity. It is also very important to take lots of sunscreen as there is little shade along this coastline and the sun can be fierce.


Darling is a fast growing tourist destination in South Africa. From the second visitors pull into this dusty station town, they'll understand exactly why. Located in a valley of golden hills in the…

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Located just 75 miles (120km) from Cape Town, Langebaan languished for years in relative obscurity, remaining an excellent retirement destination and a popular place for local fishing enthusiasts to…

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Paternoster is a quaint fishing village outside Cape Town. Its name comes from the prayers of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors who fell afoul of its rugged coastline. These days, many consider it the…

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Saldanha is a small, attractive town situated on the northern shore of Saldanha Bay. The deep natural harbour sustains the area's economy and provides countless water sport and fishing opportunities…

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The Cederberg

When the film version of JM Coetzee's celebrated novel Disgrace was made, the film-makers controversially opted to ditch the book's original Eastern Cape setting in favour of various locations…

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West Coast National Park

Located just 70 miles (110km) north of Cape Town, the West Coast National Park showcases the very best of the region's natural beauty. The attraction stretches from the quaint seaside town of Yzerfontein…

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Yzerfontein is about an hour outside Cape Town, and is the ideal getaway for those seeking a serene beach holiday. Along with its sunshine and mild winters, the tranquil seaside village is much loved…

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