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What to see in Bahrain

Bahrain Attractions

There is plenty to see and do in Bahrain, a country which has a rich history dating back 5000 years from the ancient Dilmun period through the Islamic era. The country offers many beautiful and ancient forts which have been meticulously restored and opened to the public.

A lack of signs and general promotion by the country's tourist industry sometimes makes finding these sites difficult. Among these is the Bahrain Fort, located roughly two miles (4km) from Manama along the coast of Bahrain, and being one of the largest and most historically significant forts in the country, it has been listed as a World Heritage Site.

For something different, why not visit the Jebel Al Dukhan hill, the highest point in Bahrain, named the 'Mountain of Smoke' because of the haze which surrounds it on hot days, to truly experience the beautiful and surreal landscapes of the desert.

And while you are in the area, one must surely make a detour to the mysterious Tree of Life, an ancient tree of roughly 400 years standing alone in the desert. These true spectacles of nature, along with the rich culture and history of Bahrain make the nation an intriguing place to visit, with plenty of attractions to keep you busy on your trip to this desert nation.

Bahrain Fort

Located roughly two miles (4km) from Manama along the coast of Bahrain, the archaeological site of Bahrain Fort (Qal'at al-Bahrain) is one of the largest in the country and has been listed as a World…

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Jebel Al Dukhan and the Tree of Life

At 439 feet (134m) above sea level, the Jebel Al Dukhan hill is the highest point in Bahrain. Translated from Arabic, Jebel Al Dukhan means 'Mountain of Smoke', named for the haze which often…

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Manama Souk

To experience the true flavours, scents and colours of Manama, a visit to the souks (local markets) are a must. Here, visitors can experience and purchase everything this beautiful country has to offer,…

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