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Greece Phrasebook

Greek Phrasebook

English GreekPronounciation
Hello Yassou yah-su
Goodbye Kherete khe-reh-tay
Please Parakalo pah-rah-kah-loh
Thank you Efkharisto eff-kah-rees-toh
Yes Ne neh
No Ohi oh-hee
My name is... Me lene… meh leh-nee
How much is...? Poso kani... poh-soh kah-nee
Where is...? Pou ine? poo ee-neh
Do you speak English? Milas Anglika? mee-lahs Ang-lee-kah?
I don’t understand… Den Katalaveno… then kah-tah-lag-veh-no
One, two, three, four, five Ena, dio, tria, tessera, pende eea, theeow, treeah, tesserah, pen-de
I need a doctor Thelo Yiatros Thelo Yia-tros

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