Micronesia Travel Information

The Basics


Local time on Yap and Chuuk is GMT +10; local time on Kosrae and Pohnpei is GMT +11.


Electrical current in Micronesia is generally 110 - 120 volts, 50Hz. Plug types are similar to those in the US and Canada, with three blades.


English is the official language of Micronesia.

Travel Health

No vaccinations are required for travel to Micronesia but vaccinations for hepatitis A and hepatitis B are recommended. Travellers who will be eating outside of restaurants and hotels should also consider getting a typhoid vaccination.

Each of the four main islands have state-run hospitals and there are small clinics dotted throughout Micronesia but medical facilities often lack basic supplies and medicines and the quality of health care is generally low. Travellers are therefore advised to have comprehensive travel and health insurance and to take along basic medical kits and all required prescription medication.

Local Customs

Customs and social etiquette in Micronesia is underpinned by non-assertive, respectful behaviour. Visitors should ensure at all times that they behave in a humble fashion, and especially that they do not indulge publicly in bawdy or overtly sexual behaviour. Visitors should also be prudent when taking photographs - always ask permission before taking someone's photo, and do not be surprised if they refuse. Do not click your tongue (as in frustration or disappointment), as this is considered a form of swearing in Micronesia. Male visitors should not rub their bellies, nor beckon someone toward them with their palm facing skyward - both actions are construed as sexual overtures. Finally, it is often considered inappropriate for women (foreign or local) to be alone in public - this can make solo travel in Micronesia somewhat difficult for women.

Duty Free

Travellers to Micronesia may import up to 600 cigarettes/454g tobacco, and a reasonable amount of perfume for personal use. Visitors 21 and older may have two litres of liquor. Guns and ammunition are prohibited, and plants, fruit and animals must be declared on arrival.

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