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What to see in Montserrat

Montserrat Attractions

Pivoting around a volcano, bordered by beautiful black sand beaches, and criss-crossed by rugged hiking trails, Montserrat is a unique island getaway in the Caribbean, both thrilling and serene all at once. Immediately following a volcanic eruption in 1997, most locals left the country and Monserrat fell silent. However, people are slowly returning to Montserrat.

Today, intrepid travellers relish its rugged trails and, while most of the southern part of the island is a restricted zone, you'll find some daring spots for photo-ops with the Soufriere Hills Volcano close in the background. Verdant paths wind through endangered flora set among orchards, willows, and fascinating wildlife, all contained by some of the most pristine and quiet beaches in the Caribbean.

These are not the traditional bleached Caribbean beaches found in movies and, rather, dense vegetation leads out to quiet stretches of dark sand dipping into choppy waves. Montserrat is also a diver's paradise as coral bursting with colour lies beneath the water's surface.

Beaches in Montserrat

For a Caribbean island, Montserrat is blessed with a truly interesting collection of beaches. Thanks to the Soufriere Hills Volcano, which dominates the topography of the island, Montserrat's…

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Hikes in Montserrat

Montserrat might not be the most sophisticated of tourist destinations, lacking in creature comforts such as gourmet eateries and trendy night clubs. But what it lacks in this respect, it…

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Soufriere Hills Volcano

The Soufriere Hills Volcano is at the same time Montserrat's greatest tourist attraction and its most dangerous natural feature. After a long period of dormancy, the volcano erupted again…

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