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Netherlands Phrasebook

Dutch Phrasebook

English DutchPronounciation
Hello Hello Hello
Goodbye Tot ziens Tot-see-uns
Please Alstublief As-too-bleef
Thank you Dank u Dahngk ew
Yes Ja Ya
No Neen Ne-un
My name is... Mijn naam is... Mean naam is...
How much is...? Hoeveel is...? Hu-feel is...?
Where is...? Waar is...? Var is...?
Do you speak English? Spreekt u Engels? Sprekt ou En-gels?
I don’t understand Ik begrijp u niet Ik be-greep ou neat
One, two, three, four, five Één, twee, drie, vier, vijf Ayn, tvay, dree, veer, vayf
I need a doctor Ik heb een dokter nodig Ik hep ayn dok-ter no-duhg

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Kaleigh is from Denver, Colorado and has a degree in Art History. She is currently working as an au pair in the Netherlands and uses all her free time to explore, immersing herself as much as possible in Dutch culture. She is learning the language and enjoys writing about her experiences sampling local food and admiring Dutch art and architecture.

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