Thailand Travel Health Advice

As a health precaution, travellers should take medical advice at least three weeks before travelling to Thailand. There is no malaria risk in major tourist resorts or in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya, Ko Samui, and Ko Phangan. But in rural, forested areas that border Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, and Laos, preventions against malaria are recommended and immunisation against hepatitis A and typhoid fever is also advised. Yellow fever vaccination certificates are required for travellers from infected areas.

There has been an increase in reported cases of dengue fever, particularly in the south, and vaccination against Japanese encephalitis is also recommended. Outbreaks of leptospirosis occur during the rainy season and after flooding. There have been outbreaks of waterborne diseases in the Provinces of Khon Kaen, Lop Buri, Phitsanulok and Prachin Buri. Outbreaks of cholera have also been reported. Travellers should drink or use only boiled or bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. If they suffer from diarrhoea during their visit, they should seek immediate medical attention. HIV/AIDS is prevalent in the major cities and resorts. Medical facilities are good in major cities, but good medical insurance is vital - without insurance, or cash/credit card, travellers will not be treated. Bangkok has excellent international hospitals.

Note: Thailand has reported cases of Zika virus infections. The UK foreign office classifies the risk of transmission as moderate. Pregnant women are advised to postpone Thailand travel plans until after the pregnancy. Visitors should be sure to use mosquito repellent and be aware that the virus can be transmitted sexually; appropriate precautions should be taken.

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Cholera, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis A, HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Japanese encephalitis, Leptospirosis (including Weil disease), Malaria, Typhoid fever, Yellow fever

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