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Turkey Phrasebook

Turkish Phrasebook

English TurkishPronounciation
Hello Merhaba Mare-haba
Goodbye Gule gule Goolie goolie
Please Lutfen Loot-fen
Thank you Tesekkurler Teshe-kur-la
Yes Evet Evet
No Hayir Higher
My name is... Benim adim... Benim adem...
How much? Ne kadar? Nay kadar?
Where is...? ...Nerede? ...Ner-ede?
Do you speak English? Inglizche biliyor-musun? In-glizche biliyor-musun?
I don’t understand Anlamýyorum An-la-mýyo-rum
One, two, three, four, five Bir, iki, uc, dort, bes Beer, iqui, ooch, dort, besh
I need a doctor Ben Isteyorum bir doktor Ben is-tee-orum ber dok-tor

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